Ascension by Ron Sterling, 1972.
    "There is more than one way to take flight or transcend your surroundings."

        Watts Towers (The Towers of Simon Rodia, Watts, Los Angeles)

      Watts Towers by Simon Rodia is a complex set of 17 separate sculptural pieces built on a residential lot in the community of Watts. Two of the towers rise to a height of nearly 100 feet. The sculptures are constructed from steel pipes and rods, wrapped with wire mesh, coated with mortar, and embedded with pieces of porcelain, tile and glass. Using simple hand tools and cast off materials (broken glass, sea shells, generic pottery and ceramic tile) Italian immigrant, Simon Rodia spent 30 years (1921 to 1955) building a tribute to his adopted country and a monument to the spirit of individuals who make their dreams come true.

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